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Stopping My Grout Lines From Gaining Mould

Go Grey – A popular idea at the moment is to use grey coloured grout. This actually looks very modern. With the right colour tiles it can match very pleasingly. It will still be a good idea to follow the other steps listed here but having grey grout will be much more forgiving.

Keep It Clean – No matter how much moisture build up you have in your bathroom a good regular clean will work wonders. A quick spray and rubdown a few times a week is all that's needed.

Airflow – Think about a path for moving air to travel into, through and out of the bathroom. A window open in the kitchen, the doors left open and the window open in the bathroom will really freshen everything up and reduce the moisture content.

Dry – Shower spray is cheap and effective for the bathroom. A dry towel just for the job of drying the tiles off is also great. Pop a little sign up reminding the others in the house and you're set.

Get Bottled Help – Sealers can help to keep the tile and grout in the state it was installed in. It'll be easier to clean too. We can help with this when we install. Also, it's possible to get grout with additives that fight the onset of mould.

Keep On It– Little and often is the key here. A clean here and a dry there. A load of windows open on a Saturday morning. It all helps in its own way. If you let it slip for a month or so you might suddenly notice a growing patch that will be difficult to beat back.

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