The name Karndean has become associated with the new improved luxury vinyl tile that is so popular. At Floor 2 Ceiling we recommend Karndean tiles due to the high quality and finish. The tiles come in a huge range of styles and types and, despite the premium product, are competitively priced.
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Ross suggested tiles from Karndean for our living room. A living room is somewhere a lot of time is spent so we wanted it to be the best it could be. We weren't disappointed. It's amazing that it isn't wood! Great job.
Greg from Eye

What's Special About Karndean?

Floor 2 Ceiling recommends Karndean flooring for many reasons. We will go into a few of them here.

Karnedean make a point of traveling the world to look for new floor designs to inspire them and you. By sending representatives to corners of the world they can bring back designs from different cultures, different environments, and natural sources. A strange bark pattern from a tree in Australia or a range of European Oaks collected from all over our continent.

Karndean floors are durable. They offer a lifetime guarantee to back up this promise. They commit to a quality product and follow it up with actions.

Quietmark ( https://www.quietmark.com/ ) are an organisation that assess materials and products for their ability to provide the best control of unwanted sounds. Karndean vinyl floors have won accreditation with Quietmark so we know we are putting down a floor that has industry-leading sound control properties.

Karndean offers a product for all home environments. The Gluedown range has the greatest breadth of design choices. It is gapless and you can create extremely detailed patterns. However, its installation surface must be smooth and dry. The Loose Lay range is kept in place by friction alone. It's perfect if you're thinking you might swap out the design frequently. It's quick to install and can go straight over a current floor. Finally, the Rigid Core range is the solution to go for if the floor is uneven and/or damp. If you have a room in the house which simply needs to be replaced and time is short this is the perfect option. It has excellent acoustics and will leave the current floor untouched if, for instance, you are changing the use of the room soon.


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