Fitted Wardrobes / Built In Wardrobes

All our fitted wardrobes are designed to utilise every last millimetre available to maximise your space. We've been fitting floor to ceiling wardrobes in Suffolk for years, and it shows. With you in the driving seat, our wardrobes are custom made, we will help you to be create a storage space with a style of your own. All panels that we offer, whether oak or simply plain white, are furniture grade with pure 2mm edging with is a higher quality than our competitors built in wardrobes that use iron on paper edging.

If your bedroom is in the eaves of the house then no problem! We can create a design to fit whether that be with hinged or sliding doors. Our designer will be able to overcome any issues that you think you may have for example, the positioning of light switches, plug sockets or chimney breasts. We can create the built in wardrobe that you need.

You can make your room complete by choosing bespoke matching bedside drawers, chest of drawers and any other furniture to complement your bedroom.

We can also design bespoke one of a kind furniture including, entertainment systems, offices, studios and libraries. Combine this and integrate the design with an installation of vinyl, carpet or other flooring solutions for a 100% fit and design language!

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  • Frosted Glass and Wood Effect
  • Storage Options Galore
  • Pretty And Practical
  • Double The Wallpaper Effect!


All furniture is tailored to your requirements giving you your ideal storage space with your own style. A fitted wardrobe transforms the look and function of a space in a great way.

Contact us now or speak to a fitted wardrobes specialist straight away using the button below.

We can offer this service all over Suffolk and East Anglia and have customers in Stowmarket, Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds and Felixstowe.

I love how the room now feels completely uncluttered as all our clothes are behind a couple of doors. A breath of fresh air. I didn't realise how much a built in wardrobe would change the feel of the room.

David R - Eye, Suffolk

Reasons To Go With Fitted Wardrobes

The first reason people usually think about a fitted wardrobe is to maximise the space available in any given room. Often rooms are built with a cutout for a corridor or a rising chimney. You could search high and low for a wardrobe or cupboard that fits but its unlikely that you'll find a perfect fit that also matches the room aesthetic.

Another problem that is solved by a fitted wardrobe is that of a sloping roof. There is no off-the-shelf solution for utilising that space. A built in wardrobe is the only way you can really use that area.

A fitted, bespoke wardrobe can be made to make use of the space all the way to the ceiling too. Some clever ideas can really get the most out of that otherwise inaccessible part of the room.

Fitted Wardrobe Options

Half Hanging

For shirts, t-shirts, jumpers and other half height items. Also, things that may be folded over the hanger.

Shoe Storage

Floor to ceiling low height shelves can obviously be used for anything but they are perfect for shoes.

Full Hanging

For full length items of clothing. Dresses, suits and long coats for example. Allows great airing.

Tie Rack - Pull Out

Great use of space and will give you an instant view of your collection. How many ties do you have?

Wide 5 Drawer

Double width drawers for anything you can think of. Perfect for things that don't like many folds.

Blanket Shelf

Blankets, sheets and towels can live here. Wide storage so few folds are needed to keep things fresh.

5 Drawer

A thinner set of drawers but still with good depth. Great for smaller items or trinkets.

Bench Storage

Depending on the configuration of room it might be useful to build a seat in. Extra space to chuck blankets or towels.

Accessory Shelf

Multi-purpose shelf for anything you can imagine. Can be practical storage or even a photo or curiosity.

Half Hanging Corner

If your wardrobe is tucked away it doesn't mean you are deprived of hanging space. Space saved supremo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fitted Wardrobes

What styles are available?

We have access to a huge range of styles from modern to to classic, decorative to minimal. Contact us for a full range or, for inspiration, look at the bottom of the page for a selection of installations we've done.

Why are fitted wardrobes better than standard?

Look up and down this page and you'll see plenty of reasons for the superiority of fitted wardrobes. In a nutshell I would the key features are; total customisability, the ability to get the most space and usage out of any space and the fact they can be built into corners and awkward spaces where no normal wardrobe would fit.

Why choose Floor 2 Ceiling Carpentry?

We have been working with bespoke wardrobes for many years, in fact it's where we started out. We know all there is to know. Our fitters all share our core attention to perfection. If something isn't right we will work until it is. There is no other way we work. Also, we pledge to be with you from planning to completion and there at the end of the phone for aftercare.

How does the process all work?

After you get in touch with us we'll get into the nitty gritty of what exactly you want to achieve. You can send us some photos of the area you need wardrobes and we will come over and measure up. Talk to us about the sort of designs you like and we can suggest options. When the day comes for install we'll arrive with all we need and try to get a great install done in an efficient manner and get out of your hair.

Can i have a shelf just for shoes and an open area for photos?

Absolutely! You can quite literally have exactly what you want. Look around this page and make some notes about the sort of things you're looking for. Check out the photos and you're sure to see something you like. The wardrobes are modular and fully customisable and we're ready to help.

Fitted Wardrobe Versatility

Here's a classic layout fitted wardrobe. Wood effect finish for a durable and easy clean surface.

It has 6 small, deep shelves for various uses. Shoes could be stored in these for a great look. Also you could fit a few folded t-shirts that don't need to hang.

We've got a full height rail for trousers and long skirts. Also, a couple of half height rails for shirts and jumpers.

A high shelf on the right could be where you store a trinket box or documents.

Here's a non-hanger fitted wardrobe layout that can be perfect in the right bedroom.

12 deep shelves give you a huge range of options for storage of smaller or folded items. A very aesthetically pleasing effect.

You can think about using these wardrobes as more than just storage but also somewhere to maybe keep a photo of a family member too. A nice place to view a photo every time you delve into your storage.

The 10 thin and wide pull-out draws are superb for keeping a lot of items within view and easy reach. With such storage you could easily have your socks split into work and non-work for instance.

For the person who has a lot of dresses and skirts. If you can store an item by hanging why wouldn't you? Clothes aired and without creases are what you want right?

This fitted wardrobe goes all in on large height hanging spaces. 5 separate hanging areas is perfect for his and hers fitted wardrobes.

Some underside shoe storage areas are a useful extra. These spaces could also be fitted with trays that pull out to store more items at easier reach.

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