Design and Planning

We specialise in bespoke and creative carpentry. All quotes and estimates are free and include zero hassle.

Bespoke Shelving Solutions

Maybe you've got a nook or cranny in your home that you feel is underused. Some space around the staircase or in your bedroom where something else used to be.

Custom Fitted Wardrobes

Every house, every customer and every requirement is different. We know this and will tailor any solution to fit you. We can alter the number of shelves and the size of the alcoves to suit. And we can build in special options such as mirrors and hooks easily.

See some of our fitted wardrobe work here.

Personalised Storage Fit To Purpose

No matter how strange or random a request why not fire it past us? If your house is lacking storage options and you can't find the right bit of furniture then let us build it for you. Configure your storage to spec, we will work it through with you.

We can work with numerous material options and it can be made to fit the room of choice.

Full Kitchen Build

A kitchen is never a cheap process. If you're going to try and create a kitchen that  is right for you then why not do it properly. Talk to us, tell us where you want every single function and item in your dream kitchen. We can make it work and we can make it work your way.

See some of our kitchen work here.

Doors, Windows And Room Fittings

If you're got a specific internal requirement for carpentry drop us a line. Doors, windows, stairs, steps and fittings such as architrave, skirting, dado rails and more are things we can get right for you.

Bigger changes to a room setup like partition walls are possible and can be worked into a larger plan.

Contact us now. Ask anything about your requirements.

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