All carpets fitted are guaranteed to transform your home offering comfort and class. Our carpet fitter has had the best training and is fully qualified in all aspects of floor coverings.

Our range of carpets from budget to premium have a massive selection of colours to choose from to match your style.

Floor 2 Ceiling did a great job carpeting our new home. We were eager to move and carpets needed replacing all over the house. Ross and his team worked around us and the chaos very well and the house feels finally complete.
Jan from Stowmarket

Carpet Material Types


Nylon has long since thrown off its scratchy and unpleasant reputation. Nowadays it can be just as long-lasting as wool in the right environment. Very cost effective and highly versatile.


Polyester can be made extremely soft with current techniques. Perfect for the bedroom or bathroom. Often made with recycled material. The only drawback is that with the softness you might wear this carpet thin if used in high traffic areas.


A unique look, definite conversation starter, seagrass is a premium carpet. Extremely hard-wearing and supremely eco-friendly. Very natural so not available in a range of colours. Lay it in dry areas of your house for a long life.


Wool is often the goto premium carpet. For good reason. Durable, gains character with age. It brings with it the unmistakable feel under foot, insulation and warm. It does need careful care as spills can really damage it.

Cut Pile

Available in countless designs and colours. Great value for money in both high weight dense options and more sparse low packed versions. Comfy on the feet, as almost smooth surface feel is possible.


Awesome stain resistance that takes dye easily. Bright and constant sun light may dull the colours in time. Useful in high traffic areas when spillage is likely; such as a childs’ bedroom or playroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do We Move Furniture?

We can prepare the area from start to finish if that's what's required. Please be sure to give us a good idea of what is in the room to be carpeted to allow us to plan the day and manage expectations.

Can We Help With Measurements?

As part of the service we will come to your house and measure the room in question. We can ensure that we have the perfect amount of carpet, taking into account alcoves, nooks and crannies!

Contact us now. Ask anything about your requirements.

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