Bespoke Furniture

The unique opportunity to own luxury furniture of bespoke design.

Floor 2 Ceiling over a complete-service, custom furniture process that will bring on-board your personal requirement and supply premium bespoke pieces for you. We work with interior designers, homeowners and commercial clients.

Our custom pieces to will be a unique item that can be loved forever, from made-to-fit storage solutions to one-time-only bespoke designs, it's all possible.

Building a specific piece of furniture for your home might initially sound excessive, and while competiive, it's can be cheaper to buy off the sheld. However, there are a good number of reasons taht it makes sense in certain situations.

Planning and ordering a bespoke piece of furniture opens up a new world of possibilities. You can control the colour, shade and pattern. You can decide on the size of drawers and apertures, handles and materials. In a retail or corporate environment you may have equipment or a job role that requires certain features, these can be included.

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We can build anything to a required specification. This means:

No more time wasted searching for the perfect fit.

Perfect colour matching with your room.

High quality, lasting materials every time.

There is a corner in our living room that was just wasted space. We could never find anything to really fit the space. Getting Floor 2 Ceiling to build the perfect shelving unit was definitely the right decision, the corner is now a useful and nice looking part of the room! Thanks F2C.

Susan Turner - Suffolk

Reasons To Go With Bespoke Furniture

We will help you through the process of getting exactly what you need. We can jointly create a plan while discussing options for materials, colours and shapes.

We can take you through the array of wood we have at our disposal. We can expertly tune every part of what makes the new piece yours.

Contact us now. Ask anything about your requirements.

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